Master the art of fundraising

Fundraising is more art than science. The best fundraisers are chased by VCs and raise big rounds in no-time. The good news? It’s a skill like any other that can be learned.

Join the cohort to learn from someone who has raised money from leading VCs himself and has been on the other side of the table as a venture capitalist and active angel investor.

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by Axel Bard Bringéus

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor.
Co-Founder @informed., Former Deal Partner at @EQT Ventures, Former Global Head of Markets @Spotify

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Is this course right for you?

Are you looking to raise in the next 3-6 months?

You are clear that you want to raise a round from an institutional investor (VC) in the next 3-6 months and are looking for guidance to increase your chances of success.

Is this your first time raising from VCs?

You’ve been an operator in startups for some time and now you are raising funds for the first time.

Want to turn your round into a competitive FOMO round?

You don’t want to just raise any round, but substantially increase your chances to raise a competitive round and be chased by investors.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!
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Tangible outcomes

By the end, you will have ...

A clear fundraising plan

You’ll leave this bootcamp with a clear action plan on turning your fundraise into a hyped FOMO round - including fundraising milestones.

A compelling storyline

Based on a deep understanding of investor psychology, you’ll draft a compelling storyline for your fundraise and build your pitch deck.

A strong network of peers

Meet other founders in similar situations and support each other on your journeys - including intros to investors.


Stop struggling with your fundraising and learn how to turn your next fundraise into a competitive FOMO-round

Before the bootcamp

Your timing is off, the storyline isn’t convincing, investors don’t reply. You make mistakes that are avoidable with some preparation and coaching.

After the bootcamp

You’ll have a deep understanding of investor psychology, a clear fundraising plan, a compelling fundraising story and all tools necessary to close a strong round.

Money-back guaranteed

Money-back guaranteed if the course doesn’t meet your expectations

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You will learn from an expert with decades of experience in this field

Axel Bard Bringéus

Entrepreneur & Investor. Co-Founder @informed., Former Global Head of Markets @Spotify

  • Joined early team @Spotify and led global expansion as Global Head of Markets between 2011 - 2017, helping the company raise $500+ million from VCs

  • Co-Founder & Investor @SpotiAngels, Berlin angel syndicate with over 20+ investments across Europe and the US, including startups like Passionfroot & Sorare

  • Currently Co-Founder & COO @informed., previously held executive positions @SponsorPay &


Jeff Pintus
Growth @Meta


Martina Smith
Director @Google


Louis Davies
Marketing Manager @AWS
Learning experience

Why take this course?

Because this is not just another online course. You’ll be part of a curated community where you’ll learn through practice and you’ll leave with tangible outcomes

Exclusive insights

Learn from someone who has been on both sides of the table - content you cannot find anywhere else.

Learn by doing

Get your hands dirty and build your fundraising campaign as you progress in this Bootcamp.

Build your network

Meet like-minded founders and go through your fundraising journeys together.


3 weeks transformation

Introduction & Onboarding


Prepare for the course with some pre-reads and meet your fellow cohort members.

Plan your fundraise


Turn your fundraising into a proactive raise. Venture Capital is a game - understand the psychology behind it, the rules and how to play. Learn how to create hype & FOMO around what you’re building.

Prepare your fundraise


Decide how much to raise and when and define the milestones of your fundraise. Create a compelling storyline that will convince investors.

Execute your fundraise


Learn to kick-off your fundraise and play the game live: how to herd VCs, control the timeline and get the anchor term sheet. Learn how to negotiate terms confidently.


What your week will look like

During the week, you’ll experience a combination of live sessions, tasks and much more that will motivate you to get things done in record time.


6pm - 7.30pm CET

Live session


6pm - 7.30pm CET

Live session

Thursday → Saturday

at your own time


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Start Date
Coming soon
3 weeks
5h / week
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