The Power of Creative Resilience - How to lead & innovate in a world of change

Join the 1-week Creative Resilience Bootcamp with up to 20 ambitious peers to exercise and learn together.

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KarĂ­m Mustaghni - Your instructor
15+ years experience as a founder, consultant & keynote speaker on "Enhancing creativity through neuroscience" & "designing innovative cultures"
3 interactive 90' live Sessions via Zoom:
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Time commitment
6 hours

Do you feel like this?

  • Do you struggle to solve complex problems and generate creative ideas easily?

  • Do you struggle to lead successfully in uncertain & fast-paced changing environments?

  • Do you struggle to build a resilient and innovative team culture that attracts talent & clients?

After the Bootcamp 🚀

  • Master Original Thinking: generate ideas 3x faster & solve hard problems creatively

  • Learn about creative Leadership: gain your creative confidence and creative resilience to lead with curiosity

  • Enable Innovative Culture: learn how to design for a culture of innovation that attracts talent and clients

Dr. Angelika Denk

Ex-BCG, currently co-founder @Innovation Ambassadors

"I have enjoyed KarĂ­m's creativity seminar at the University of St.Gallen very much! Karim combines scientific insights, business know-how, and many exercises in a very smart way and tops it all off with entertaining personal anecdotes. Or do you know someone who knows Bill Murray?"

Max Thake

Co-Founder at Peaq, building the web3 machine economy

"I dropped in on KarĂ­m's 'Enhancing creativity through neuroscience' speech at the Sigma Squared Society conference in Venice. Few talks stick with me as much as this one did. It was well thought out, invited you to consider different ways of doing things - and really entertaining. I found myself going over the lessons and anecdotes KarĂ­m used, applying them to my work/life, and passing them on to others. Over two years on, I still purposely take different routes home/to work to spark creativity. (It works.)"

Franziska Metzbaur

Project lead at Jugend GrĂĽndet, enabling youth entrepreneurship

"It has been my greatest pleasure to work with KarĂ­m. He has a unique way of presenting content that inspires and picks up beginners and experts alike. With his help, we have been able to inspire thousands of young people and adults to incorporate creativity into their daily lives, with the great goal of seeing joy and opportunity in change, and to inspire initiative."


Transformational experience

Live Session 1

25TH of April, 5 - 6:30 pm CET

“Build your creativity foundation”

Use science-based creativity training to solve hard problems more creatively and generate ideas 3x faster
  • Develop association speed through alternative use methods

  • Understand the different levels of creativity, e.g. short-term & long-term creativity

  • Enhance creative problem solving skills through 360° views & opinion diversity

Live Session 2

27th of April, 5 - 6:30 pm CET

“Gain creative confidence & lead with curiosity”

Navigate your team successfully by using the science behind curiosity & imagination

Live Session 3

29th of April, 5 - 6:30 pm CET

“Design for a culture of innovation”

Speak the language of culture to unleash the creative potential of your team

Bonus material

“Make results stick”

A. Create your own Creativity Gym Plan Framework
B. Culture-building elements Framework (CBEs)

Who is this for?

  • This Creative Resilience Bootcamp is designed for you if you ...
    • are an open-hearted, ambitious and entrepreneurial-minded leader. No matter the age or experience and from all fields of work.

    • are convinced that a great culture enables innovative work & needs to be continuously shaped.

    • value a community of up to 20 peers to learn from, inspire and support each other in the goal towards world-class creativity.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Enhance your innovation ability in complex and uncertain times by building your creativity foundation. Generate ideas 3x faster and solve hard problems creatively.

  • Lead with curiosity and empathy by gaining creative confidence.

  • Bring out the best in people & create a culture of innovation by using behavioral design & the CBEs framework.

  • Expand your personal & professional network by learning together with 20 inspiring & open-hearted peers.

KarĂ­m Mustaghni

"I help ambitious people/teams become fast-paced creative leaders!"

Host of the creativity podcast “What if…?” on Spotify & Apple

  • A global citizen (lived on 5 continents) with 15+ years experience as a founder, investor, consultant, business designer, keynote speaker & guest lecturer
  • Expert in enhancing creativity, building strong team cultures & solving complex problems creatively. Intensive research curation on world-class creativity through neuroscience for 5+ years.
  • Co-lecturer for creativity at university St. Gallen in 2020, #5 of Europe’s top business schools.
  • Member of WEF Global Shapers Network, Nexus Global Community, Sandbox, Sigma Squared Society, etc.

The most effective & fun way to learn

  • Live Format
    Attend 3 interactive live Sessions a 90 min together with up to 20 peers on zoom
  • Strong Network
    Build a strong network through genuine connections. Engage with other ambitious people like you during the sessions & on slack
  • Safe Space
    I create a safe space where fun is a crucial part of the experience to learn, inspire and support each other
  • Additional Materials
    Read additional materials & receive frameworks via email
  • Scientific Teaching
    My teaching style is a combination of interactive exercises, scientific input, and small breakout sessions. We use them to discuss and share personal stories & experiences
Inspiration doesn’t move things. Strong creative muscles do.

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