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Kickstart your journey in Climate Tech with top experts

Climate-tech can be daunting when you're getting started: how do you create an effective business model? How do you measure impact? How do you raise funds? How do you plan a career in climate-tech? How do I identify a climate-related problem to solve? In this Bootcamp, we'll help you find all the answers so that you can get ready for a flying start.

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by Jamil Wyne

Climate-Tech investor and advisor, World Bank, Said Business School, Clean Energy Ventures, United Nations

Start Date
12th Sept 2022
4 weeks
6h / week
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Is this course right for you?

You have found an idea to pursue in climate tech and you are serious about it

You are serious about starting your journey in climate tech and want to make sure you kickstart in the right way

You are excited about starting your journey in climate tech but want support from experts

You are keen to receive support from top experts in the field to make sure your idea has solid foundation to succeed

You want to figure out how to best pursue your idea and are keen to meet like-minded peers

You are not sure yet on how to best run with your idea and are excited to be part of a community where to grow together

If that’s you, you’re in the right place! This course the course is designed for both aspiring climate founders & professionals looking to make a career move into climate
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Tangible outcomes

By the end, you will have ...

A better understanding of tools & strategies you can use to build your Climate Tech venture
A tailored roadmap to help you get started in climate-tech and accelerate your career in this space
A strong community of ambitious climate tech leaders like you with whom to grow together

Take your idea from 0 to 100 and kickstart your journey in Climate Tech today

Before the bootcamp

You are passionate about climate tech but have no idea how to kickstart your journey to succeed in this field

After the bootcamp

You have a clear, actionable plan on how to best leverage tools and strategies to take your idea from 0 to 100

Applications close on the 11 Sept

Money-back guaranteed if the course doesn’t meet your expectations

Count me in!

You will learn directly from top experts in this field who will help you succeed in your Climate Tech journey

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Jamil Wyne

Climate-Tech investor and advisor, World Bank, Said Business School, Clean Energy Ventures, United Nations

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  • Advisor, investor, professor and author focusing on climate, innovation, and economic development around the world.

  • Worked with development finance institutions, impact investment firms, and technology startups, including the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Schmidt Futures, Clean Energy Venture Group, the United Nations, Oxford University, Crossboundary, and Catalyst Investment Management

  • Co-lead of the Oxford Climate Tech Initiative @Saïd Oxford Business School. Investor in climate-tech startups including PowerX, Carbon Upcycling, Carbon Collective, and has helped to build funds and technology ecosystems in a range of countries, including Jordan, Greece, Serbia, Singapore, Oman, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan, Kuwait, Iraq and Bangladesh.

  • Fulbright Fellow, On Deck Climate Tech Fellow, and adjunct professor at George Washington University and American University.

  • Work has been featured or cited in SSIR, WEF, McKinsey, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Innovations Magazine (MIT), Al-Jazeera, World Bank, United Nations, Brookings, and Wharton publications, as well as university curricula and books.


Daniel Valenzuela
Daniel Valenzuela is the Head of IR & Impact, and a founding member of the World Fund, Europe's largest climate tech VC. He developed their methodology to assess climate performance potential drawing from >100 expert interviews, as well as from his previous work experience with numerous startups, funds, and NGOs. He's a published mathematician from Bonn & UC Berkeley.
Suma Reddy
Suma Reddy is the Co-founder and CEO of Future Acres. She is a 3x AgTech + ClimateTech founder, is on the advisory board of Scale for ClimateTech, a Board Member of GrainPro, and at the NYC School of Visual Arts. She has also been awarded the White House Champion of Change for her Asian & Pacific Islander LGBTQ+ advocacy work.
Mia Diawara
Mia Diawara is a Partner at Lowercarbon Capital, where she invests in ambitious teams building needle-moving climate tech, and does so with an eye toward equity and inclusion. Before Lowercarbon, Mia spearheaded decarbonization strategy across a portfolio of over $90B in assets at TPG, advised companies across industries at Bain & Company, and assessed climate policy and market-based climate solutions at NRDC and RMI, respectively.
Hampus Jakobsson
Hampus Jakobsson is a climate VC and ex-entrepreneur. He is currently a GP and co-founder of Pale blue dot, a seed-stage climate-tech fund investing in the US and Europe. Prior to becoming an investor, Hampus co-founded and built two startups to exit. 
Learning experience

Why take this course?

Because we need talented entrepreneurs and skilled professionals working to solve climate change, and working in a curated community can help you kickstart your journey down this road.

Learn by doing and practice your skills

Build your idea from the ground up and set up a solid foundation to succeed in your journey

Join small group coaching sessions

Get immediate feedback directly from instructors and your peers to improve your idea

Meet new people and build a strong network

Meet other ambitious Climate-Tech leaders like you with whom you can learn and grow together

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4 weeks transformation

Identify a climate challenge you want to work on


During week 1 you will diagnose your interest in climate-tech to assess where you could contribute the most in this area while creating a meaningful impact with your venture or in your career

Identify best tools & strategies


During this week, you will be learning about tools and best strategies that can best serve your idea and/or career in climate tech to help you get started in your journey

Determine how you can you measure impact


Understand how you can measure your idea's impact and what frameworks/tools you can use to keep track of this impact

Make successful pitches to investors in Climate Tech


In the last week, you will learn what questions VCs and investors are most likely to ask you and you practice your skills on how to deliver effective pitches for seed and Series A checks.


What your week could look like

During the week, you’ll experience a combination of live & coaching sessions, tasks and much more that will motivate you to get things done in record time.


5pm - 6.30pm CET

Live session


5pm - 6.30pm CET

Live session

Thursday → Saturday

at your own time


This calendar serves only as a broad indication of the timings for this programme, dates and slots can still change

Apply before 11 Sept to secure a spot in this cohort

Start Date
12 Sept 2022
4 weeks
6h / week


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